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Alex Guzun - Muay Thai Fighter

Alex and his team

Alex Guzun

Alex is an aspiring amateur Thai Boxer with the dream to be the best in his weight category as a professional Thai Boxer.
The story so far; Alex was mentored by Matt Parks as a junior and has since gone on to develop in competitive fighting and as a Thai Boxing, Boxing and kickboxing instructor at circle8fitness. Circle8fitness commitment to excellence is evident in Alex. Alex has a great work ethic and applies it with pride in his work and training.

We would now like to send Alex to Thailand to train for 1 month at the end of his journey he will compete either in The UK where he is scheduled to fight for amateur title on Combat Kings or failing that before his return to the UK and fight in Thailand.

The cost of his trip give or take £2500 for flight, training, accommodation at the training camp and his training for 1 month. Flights are roughly £1200 currently. Training and Accommodation at the training camp £800 and a food allowance of £500.

Alex entering the ring, pictured with his coach Matt Parks

Alex's Story!

My name is Alex and I’m a fighter for circle8fitness. I have been fighting for about 7/8 years and have been competing for roughly 6 years and have had many competition’s/amateur fights. Earlier this year, I had my N class fight and it made me realize that it is what I want to do as a career. I would really like to improve in MuayThai as It has always been my biggest dream to become a professional fighter, and I will do everything to try and accomplish my dream. Fighting has always been my main passion and my life’s purpose which is why I love my job which is teaching people MuayThai and making others fall in love with my same passion. Not so long ago I was offered a British title fight on March the 9th and it was a fight that I had been looking up to for a very long time. For that fight I was prepared and ready for 100% effort. There is one place in the world which is the home of MuayThai which is Thailand. The destination where I want to get the best knowledge and skills to prepare for my next title fight. Ideally to go early February to complete 4 weeks in one of the top gyms of the City KOH-SAMUI in the camp LAMAI. For this trip I’m trying to fund as much as possible to make my dream camp, and learn from the very best for my upcoming fight.

Any support or sponsorship towards my dream is extremely appreciated. Thank you, Alex 


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