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Hear what our clients have to say! Come & try! what have you got to lose, other than calories! 500+ per class guaranteed!!

Client Testimonials

"C8 is an instant pick me up, as soon as you walk through the doors! They are the most welcoming and friendly gym. Every trainer and class offers something different. You’re guaranteed to leave the class with a smile on your face (and very sweaty!) Fave place to go when I need a mood-booster or to let some rage out. Best place, best people, best vibes 😎" Irene Taptas

See the transformations from our 4 week challenge. And now we are introducing the 2 week challenge.

Recently we have an offer of a challenge of 4 weeks, 20 classes. So far we have had 2 people complete this and you can read their stories below. Also we have added the testimonial of Elisabeth of her pre and post baby pictures from 2 classes per week and 1 PT with Matt Parks the founder of circle8fitness, The one clear factor apart from the body transformation is the mental health benefits so far. Please take 5 minutes to read their stories.

Hedda's story

hedda before and after transformation
hedda before and after transformation 2

It started with me feeling so uncomfortable in my own clothes and wanting to loose the 8 kg I had gained. Now I don’t care about the numbers on the weight at all and I feel healthier and stronger then ever. As cliche as it sounds circle 8 isn’t just a gym to me. It’s where I feel at home. It’s where I get to leave all my problems. It’s where I get to sweat, cry, scream and let it all out and come out feeling like I’m on top of the world. It’s a safe environment, welcoming environment.

The challenge was really hard. And I went through waves of emotions. But all over it was extremely empowering. First week went by easy. I was loving it. Then the second week I was sore all over, and every workout felt heavy. 3rd week I got really sick and was in bed for 3 days. But I still managed to push through and get 4 workouts in that week, thanks to all the amazing trainers pushing me. Week 4 I was back on track again. And I probably felt fitter and stronger then ever. I could feel such a big difference not just physically, but also mentally. And people around me started to see a difference too. 

It was first just a journey to loose weight. But ended up being so much more. Mentally it changed everything for me. Circle 8 was a Lifesaver. I’ve actually never been happier. The fact that I could stay disciplined throughout the whole month was so empowering. My motivation came and went. But I did it, and I couldn’t have done it without the trainers that was there for me the whole way.

Thank you so much to all the trainers at circle 8 for making the journey so enjoyable. Making me go so much harder. Motivating and inspiring me to not give up. They were there for me the whole way. 

I will definitely do the challenge again, I already miss the feeling of coming in five times a week. Waking up early, smashing all my goals. Both fitness related, personal and work goals.

Mark's story

Mark before and after transformation
Mark before and after transformation 2

I’ve always been someone that has never enjoyed working out, and would always find an excuse not to go to the gym. I’ve been coming to Circle 8 on and off for a while now, and after coming back from a 2 week holiday (with a lot of eating and drinking) I wanted to push myself and get into better shape both physically and mentally, so I agreed to take on the Circle8 1 month challenge. 
When my morning alarm went off for my first class (7am class on a Monday) I was filled with fear and was thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t go, however, I pulled myself together and went to class. Week 1 was tough, however, by the end of it I was buzzing and was already in a much better routine, feeling more energised during the day and sleeping better at night. Week 2 I was on fire, I was full of energy and was actually looking forward to class. I definitely felt less stressed and anxious because I was taking it out on the bag and leaving it in the gym. Week 3 was hard, I was sore all over and shuddered at the thought of another burpee, however, I pushed through and the Trainers kept me accountable. By week 4 the end was in sight, and I could definitely feel a difference in myself, I could go longer without sneaking in a rest whilst the Trainers weren’t looking and I felt much stronger. When the final bell went in my 20th class I felt on top of the world, and felt proud of how far I had come since that first 7am class on a Monday.
Circle8 is more than just a great workout, it’s got a real community spirit where everyone wants to see you win! I’ve met a lot of great people from coming to class, and I’ve never once felt intimidated or like I wasn’t fit enough to be there (like other classes I’ve been to). I would definitely recommend coming along and taking part, yes it’s tough and if like me you will wish the final bell would hurry up and ring, but you will never regret it afterwards. I always leave class feeling absolutely buzzing. If I can do it, you can do it!

Elisabeth's story

Elisabeth transformation pick

I started training at Circle8 4/5 months after having my 1st baby, being about 10kg over my pre-baby weight and totally out of shape fitness wise. I can’t quite put in words how big a difference it has made to me both physically and  mentally - I attend around 3 KICK-HIIT classes a week and have been training 1-on-1 with Matt for around 3 months and have felt my strength and fitness improve continuously. For anyone looking for a fun, addictive full body workout and a physically transformation - Circle8 is the place to get it.

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