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sam Mcrae

Having trained and coached Muay Thai for 20 years, including in Thailand, Sam started fighting in the ring at the age of 17, competing professionally for a number of years.


Versed in Sport Muay Thai, Muay Boran (ancient boxing), Krabi Krabong (weapons), Whai Kru, Thai Yoga and Thai massage.


Sam's passion is passing on the arts that Thai Boxing evolved from. These include Muay Boran and Krabbi Kabong which compliment the ring art tremendously. His experience enables him to deliver sessions that encompass the rich culture, history and traditions of the Thai nation whilst making training varied, fun and effective at helping clients reach their goals.

To book SAM for a pt session contact him on

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“Brilliant gym, with great guys - why sweat away at the back of a spin class when you can learn to fight?!



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