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Circle8fitness Hiit training and thai boxing in Battersea 

HiiT IT AT CIRCLE8FITNESS! A high intensity interval training class inspired by Thai boxing, Kickboxing, Boxing & Strength conditioning.

First Timer Special Offer!
New to Circle8fitness ? Book 2 of our exciting classes for just £20! 

The only nightclub setting that gets you super fit 🥊

Classes currently run Monday to Friday, 7am, 9.30am, 12.30pm, 6pm & 7pm additionally on Mondays and Fridays 8am and Fridays 6am. Saturdays 9 & 10am and Sundays 10 & 11am! Book Now

Who Is                                Perfect For?

Circle8fitness Hiit training and thai boxing in Battersea 
  • Complete Beginners

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Individuals looking to lose weight

  • Those striving to get stronger

  • Martial arts enthusiasts

  • Transformation seekers

  • Anyone seeking a fun way to stay fit

  • Frustration-busters

  • Group fitness lovers

Client Testimonials

"C8 is an instant pick me up, as soon as you walk through the doors! They are the most welcoming and friendly gym. Every trainer and class offers something different. You’re guaranteed to leave the class with a smile on your face (and very sweaty!) Fave place to go when I need a mood-booster or to let some rage out. Best place, best people, best vibes 😎" Irene Taptas

Hear what our clients have to say! Come & try! what have you got to lose, other than calories! 500+ per class guaranteed!!

What Makes Us Different?

Circle8 is not just a gym, it's a thrilling journey. Picture yourself immersed in an electrifying atmosphere, where pulsating music and vibrant lights set the stage for a fitness experience like no other. Every workout is an escape into a world of excitement.

Circle8fitness - Hiit training and thai boxing in Battersea 

Hiit training in Battersea, Muay Thai in Battersea, Personal training in Battersea, Boxing in Battersea.

Personal Training 

Aidai's Story

Aidai first came to circle8fitness in 2020 as a first timer having never boxed in her life. She attended around 2 to 3 Kick-hiit classes a week and then evolved and added 1 personal training session a week in Autumn 2021, This was filmed in summer 2022 and to current Aidai still participates in personal training with Matt and 2 classes a week. 

For further information on personal training please email  or press here for more info

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