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Our sponsorship program!

As circle8fitness has organically evolved over the last few years, we started getting more active in mentoring young athletes who desperately needed assistance in helping them develop. Circle8fitness trainers wanted to support these young aspiring athletes by providing the training and mentoring that they require to help them get closer to their goals. The team at circle8fitness are all former sports professionals and have been teaching and training top level for most of their individual lives. The resources and experience available to these youngsters is key to their success. Unfortunately as trainers we are required to make a living and can only sadly do so much unpaid work which hinders their progress. With the increased demand from working with said athletes the gym, and the trainers require financial support to provide these young athletes with continued appropriate training and time to help assure their success.
Circle8fitness currently runs on a deficit. In order for the business to continue and thrive in its good work and develop further and create something quite unique and special we need financial support to support the venue to facilitate the training, the trainers to facilitate the time and be paid for that time and of course the sponsees when turning professional. 

We currently have two tiers of sponsorship that we require funding for:

Tier 1: Supporting a sponsee with training. Anything from once to a multitude of training sessions per week. Developing on technique, strength and conditioning.

Tier 2: Financial support to the sponsee covering living costs and training costs. Training costs would be as per tier 1. 

Circle8fitness sponsorship program is a registered non profit charity. There is a board of directors to determine who is eligible for sponsorship. 

Alex and his team

Alex Guzun

Alex is an aspiring amateur Thai Boxer with the dream to be the best in his weight category as a professional Thai Boxer.
The story so far; Alex was mentored by Matt Parks as a junior and has since gone on to develop in competitive fighting and as a Thai Boxing, Boxing and kickboxing instructor at circle8fitness. Circle8fitness commitment to excellence is evident in Alex. Alex has a great work ethic and applies it with pride in his work and training.

We would now like to send Alex to Thailand to train for 1 month at the end of his journey he will compete at top level in Koh Samui. The cost of his trip is £2000 for flight, accommodation at the training camp and his training for 1 month. Additionally we hope to be able to cover some of Alex's  loss of earnings. We are looking to raise £4000

Josh Boateng in action

Joshua Boateng

click here to sponsor Josh

Josh is a professional boxer. Josh came to be at circle8fitness via working with Tyrone Berry our specialist strength and conditioning coach. Josh then started working with our head boxing coach Jesse Page. C8 decided to help sponsor Josh. 

With Josh becoming a professional boxer he requires to be able to go full time on his training. Currently Josh still has to work outside of his career as a boxer and therefor inhibits his developement and dream to go to the top in a way desired to be the best. Josh's sponsorship would be tier 2. 

We are trying to raise ? to cover all Josh's life expenses and training expenses over a period of 6 months. 

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