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MatT Parks

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Matt is the founder of Circle8fitness and is recognised as a world renowned Muay Thai trainer by the WMC (World Muay Thai Council). He is the former World, European and British Muay Thai Champion and has trained multiple fighters to achieve World, National and Regional titles.


Matt has been a personal trainer and coach for over 25 years, and in this time has founded Stars Gym, before setting up Circle8fitness in 2020. Matt is head coach at circle8fitness and is an instructor of instructors as well as working with clients on a day to day. He has personally trained clients from all walks of the social ladder from A list celebrities to infants, juniors, mums and dads looking for the extra kick in life (excuse the pun) Clients work with Matt year in and out and his schedule is generally busy. 

Matt's rate per hour is £100 if you would like to contact him please email him on or what's app him on +447956344959

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Matt Parks founder of circle8fitness
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